Goodbye (Life is funny)

I can’t believe the news today
I just heard something I thought you’d never say
I’m puzzled and lost, where’s my friend?
I had never thought about the end

The sun is high on this summer’s day
Everyone here likes to party and play
I step aside, I sigh and I cry
You don’t look worried, is this the last time?

A new world opens as we start the fight
There is no map to get us through the night

Why did it happen to you?
I can’t keep up
I long for the sun
But I fear the rain

August the 20th, good news from the front
38 years, grinding halt
As candles burn, you give up the play
“Next year it’ll be better” you dare to say

But this time you’re wrong and within a month
You’re gone

God, what did you do?
I can’t go on
I shy from the light
I’m lost in the dark

I’m lost in the dark
I’m lost in the dark
I’m lost in the dark
I’m lost in the dark

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